For Viably’s new visual brand launch I designed product catalogs, a digital ad campaign and various other marketing materials, as well as developed the look for their tradeshow booths. Click here view the Topturn catalog, and here to view the All Products catalog.

Cirba Solutions

Working with Cirba Solutions, a circular battery recycling company, I designed a wide range of marketing collateral such as PowerPoint presentations, environmental graphics, print products and web banners.

Riverfront Environmental Graphics

Riverfront is one of the DISH campuses that houses open offices, cubicles, small and large conference rooms and communal areas. With a number of empty, white walls the team turned to OneTen to develop environmental graphics that tie into DISH’s technology and ethos. For this concept, The Futurists, I focused on the definition of the … Read More

Home Field Advantage

Home Field Advantage was an Anchorage Museum exhibition that showed the history of baseball in Alaska through archival photographs, art, artifacts and memorabilia, and how it adapted to the harsh Northern environment. Design Direction: Jane Rabadi Exhibition Design: Ben Allee Title Sign & Environmental Graphics: Jane Rabadi, Ben Allee

Gyre: The Plastic Ocean

“The Gyre exhibition explored the relationship between humans and the ocean in a contemporary culture of consumption, and featured contemporary art by national and international artists. In June 2013, as part of the Gyre project, an international team of scientists, artists and educators launched an expedition to study marine debris in southwest Alaska.” Museum colleges … Read More

Arctic Flight

Arctic Flight: A Century of Alaska Aviation was an exhibition that told stories of survival, adventure and ingenuity. The exhibition was co-curated by the Smithsonian Institution’s National Air and Space Museum and features objects from the Smithsonian and several Alaska museums. Exhibition Design: Don Mohr, Julie Decker, Jane Rabadi Title Sign & Environmental Graphics: Jane … Read More

Dena’inaq’ Huch’ulyeshi

In 2013, the Anchorage Museum exhibited the first major exhibition ever presented about the Dena’ina Athabascan people, Dena’inaq’ Huch’ulyeshi: The Dena’ina Way of Living. The exhibition showcased films, life-size re-creations, archival images and more than 160 artifacts on loan from museums across Europe and North America. The graphic design elements of the exhibition were varied and extensive … Read More

100 Snapshots

100 Snapshots was an exhibition that provided a glimpse into the daily lives of Anchorage residents, beginning with the arrival of railroad workers and their families in 1915 to the boom of oil in the 1980s. Each image was a window into a private story of a life being lived in Alaska’s largest city taken … Read More

Brick by Brick

The Brick by Brick exhibition explored the creative potential of LEGO® toys and bricks, and featured works by New York artist Nathan Sawaya, who creates large-scale sculptures from LEGO® bricks, and English artist Mike Stimpson, who is known for re-creating historic events and popular culture scenes using LEGO figurines. Exhibition Design: ECI Hyer Title Sign … Read More